My Beloved Pilot

3 Hrs.

Welcome to our unique program for couples.


Trying out something new in a relationship is a refresher for your relationship. It is a kind of maintenance.


We are inviting you to an activity more than simply trying out something new.


A truly new experience and a challenge, in which you will find lots of things from yourself and from your loved one.


Imagine an activity you will not be able to succeed without trusting each other and communicating, working and achieving together with your partner.

Our very special activity designed especially for couples is now open for your reservations.

For details of this special program please do not hesitate to contact us.


Eur 400

Fly With Your Child 60 min.

Every child’s imagination is unlimited.  So we push these limits and put them in the captain’s seat of a plane.

- Participation age is  between 10-15

- They can fly together with their parents.

- Takeoff and landing from one of the most   fun airports in the world.

- Flight experience in different weather        conditions

- Your children can share their flight          experience with her/his friends


Eur 80

I am a Virtual Pilot

6 hrs.

Ideal for aviation enthusiasts and for those who are serious in their hobby

- Learning Basic VFR & IFR Rules

- Detailed explanations about aviation  principles, flying skills and cockpit

- Engines startup

- Flight Planning and using FMC ( CDU)

- Reading Aviation Charts

- 4 legs full flights

- Detailed explanations about aviation  principles, flying skills and cockpit

- Joining the virtual aviation community

- 1 on 1 training with full expert or  instructor assistance


Eur 750

Antwerp Flight Simulation Center
Meirbrug 1 2000  Antwerpen Belgium
+32 470 92 73 08